LPI-News April 2003

Wilma Silbermann wilma at lpi.org
Tue May 6 15:15:18 EDT 2003

The Linux Professional Institute (known as LPI) is a non-profit
organization sponsored by the Linux Community to offer certification for
Linux System Administrators.

Here are some News items regarding LPI.  If anyone has any questions or 
thoughts on these or anything else happening at LPI - please let me

1; Novell and LPI

2; LPI-Japan

3; Real World Linux - Toronto, Canada

4; LPI Plans

5; LPI goes to the UK, Brazil and Portland Oregon

6; The LPI USA affiliate.

1;  Novell and LPI.

We are pleased to welcome Novell as our newest 'Gold' sponsor.

Novell has decided to support LPI and they recommend the LPI 
exams as part of their Novell CLE certification program.
The details on Novell and their certification path can be found here;

The original press release is posted on the LPI web site here;


2;  LPI-Japan

On May 1st 2003 LPI republished the Level 1 exams as release 2 in
The Level 1 exams were re-published in English on March 28th, and 
we are pleased to announce the Japanese translation is now 
complete - thanks to LPI-Japan.
If anyone has questions for the LPI-Japan affiliate, located in Tokyo, 
they should contact their office;
"Kyoko Hoshi (LPI Japan office)" <hoshi at lpi.or.jp>

3; Real World Linux - Toronto, Canada.

Despite the health scare in Toronto - Real World Linux was held in 
downtown Toronto, and LPI offered information and discounted exams to 
those who came.  The show was small and some conference speakers did
not appear, however those who came out did a great job and we enjoyed
a successful couple of days.
LPI had 5 staff members and volunteers who came from Europe and the US
to support the LPI program in Toronto
Our sincere thanks to Torsten Scheck - Kara Pritchard - Sandy Dolan -
Charles Galpin - Stacy Gildenston for making the trip.

The discounted exams are offered at exam labs in various conferences
and computer shows around the world where we are able to, and we try 
to offer these exam labs as often as possible to encourage candidates 
to try LPI's exam.

4; LPI Plans

LPI has had some discussion on plans going forward, and one idea is to
offer 'Desk Top Certification'. We are looking for input into this idea.
We encourage you to join the mailing lists and give us your ideas and

Another discussion is on designs and ideas for the new web site.
The site is almost ready for preview, but we need your comments on 
what should be included - what is most important to candidates and
training companies ?

Please contact us with your ideas, either by joining the mailing

or you can email us at; info at lpi.org or wilma at lpi.org

5; LPI goes to the UK, Brazil and the USA.

LPI will attend conferences at shows in the above countries.

We encourage you to come and visit the LPI booth.

In the UK we will be at the NEC Building in Birmingham;
June 2003 - http://www.linuxuser.co.uk

In Brazil we will be in Sao Paulo at the LinuxCorp conference.
July 1st and 2nd 2003

Thanks to our friends at 4linux ( http://www.4linux.com.br ) in 
Sao Paulo, we will be offering an exam lab with discounted exams 
being offered.

In the USA we will be offering exams at the O'Reilly conference;
July 7th - 11th 2003

More details on these exam labs will be available in the May News


We have a new official affiliate in the USA - operated by OSSI.

We are pleased to have this new group who plan to help LPI become 
better known in the USA and will encourage government and educational
centres to use LPI and the LPI objectives in their open source plans.

The following companies sponsor and support OSSI;
The OSD Group.          http://www.osdgroup.com/
Hewlett Packard         http://www.hp.com/
Intel                   http://www.intel.com/

Finally, we would like to thank the LPI alumni who were willing to
participate in the CRN salary survey.  

Thank you,

Wilma Silbermann
Executive Assistant
wilma at lpi.org
905 874 4822

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