DPKG vs. RPM in LPIC 101 exam

kara at lpi.org kara at lpi.org
Tue Oct 21 16:50:43 EDT 2003

On Tue, 21 Oct 2003, Mathias Huber wrote:

> Does this mean that only one of the following objectives will be tested 
> per option?
> * 1.102.5 Use Debian package management
> * 1.102.6 Use Red Hat Package Manager (RPM)
> Your posts will be greatly appreciated, as I am spending my evenings 
> preparing for the exam after I come home from work.

Yes. I think there is one general package management question that 
mentions RPM,  but isn't RPM specific (just uses it as an example) so 
don't get excite if you see the word RPM on your DPKG exam :)

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