DPKG vs. RPM in LPIC 101 exam -- RHCE scoring changed radically in 2003 ...

jdd jdanield at dodin.net
Tue Oct 28 02:35:14 EST 2003

Bryan J. Smith wrote:

  > Understand I'm _not_ trying to say the RHCE is "harder," it's just not
> as easy as you've heard of from people who took it pre-2003.

I don't say so.

I say only that asking a more than 90% score for an exam don't gives any 
clue on it's difficultie, on the contrary.

no exam can ask questions on all the programm it covers, so there is 
necessarily hazard on what questions are asked and so if one learn half 
the programm (as an example) it may have 100% if he's lucky.

the only way to have such a score to be significant is to state a 
"mandatory" programm (one that _must_ absolutly be known) and ask all 
and any question on this one. this can only be very partial one.

In fact I know of many (in France) Ingenior school exams similar to RHCE 
that need to be completed 3 or 4 the really given time (exams to enter 
the school).

so one can pass the exam with a score such low as 30%

these exams ephasise on compulsory answer agains reflexion ones. this 
can be good for car driving, not for computer learnig, where time is 
never that important.

there are many examples in France of very difficult exams with a very 
low % is sufficient to pass (fe: the agregation).


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