[lpi-discuss]Question about the test?

Mike Partyka mpartyka at mn.rr.com
Mon Apr 5 08:56:00 EDT 2004

Ack! Now i am not so sure i am ready.

That's very dissapointing to hear that the Linux+ and LPI are not very close
to one another. Novell did some LPI prep training and that's what i was
going through to prepare. In their presentation they reference pages in the
book to look for more detail.

If the objectives are so far disparate i wonder why they would use the
Linux+ book?

Could you recommend a book to take a look at that is only for LPI
objectives? I looked on LPI.org and referenced some of the books they listed
there on amazon to see what people were saying and none of the books seemed
to be particularly well received. I know your somewhat conflicted since you
do an lpi prep course. BTW, I tried to sell my company on it but the timing
was unfortunate because we are working on a major application roll-out and
they said they wanted that to be the focus and they would consider training
later. I just didn't want to wait so i started hitting the books.

I'd be happy to send you the Novell course i have been going through if you
wanted to take a look. Or send you the a ROM, it's about 80M. Might be
interesting for you to see all the materials out there that people can use.

Well thanks for the warning in any case. It's difficult to satisfy the
objectives of the test and yet become more proficient on the platform of
choice at work. In the end you have to learn three or more ways to do the
same thing on different distro's . . .<sighs> ahh well.


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> On Mon, 2004-04-05 at 02:16, Mike Partyka wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> >     Just thought i would say, i believe i am ready to take the LPI
> > level 1 and the level 2 shortly thereafter.
> >
> > I have been using some training i got off Usenet and a book that goes
> > along with it called "Linux+ In depth" by Jason W. Eckert and M. John
> > Schitka.
> Mike, not to be an, ahem, "unbeliever", but if you're studying a Linux+
> book to take LPIC Level 1 and soon thereafter Level 2, that Usenet study
> material better be pretty darned good!
> The objectives for Linux+ and LPIC Level 1 are not a very good
> crossmatch, there's plenty of material in LPIC 1 that's not an objective
> in Linux+, and Level 2 and Linux+ aren't even on the same PLANET!
> >  I think it's probably one of the best books i have ever looked at for
> > really useful information in a very readable format. The only thing
> > that worries me is the book (and the CBT course) is based on RedHat
> > 7.3. I have a vmware installation of that along with RedHat Enterprise
> > Linux 3 (At work we use at work RHEL 2.1 and 3 AS)
> I have done a _lot_ of training for the LPIC Level 1 and Red Hat 7.3 and
> the like are just fine, the exam was developed around that version and
> of Debian 2.2/3.0 also.  Kara has mentioned that any LSB-compliant
> distribution will work, but RHEL is way out of line with the exams, (and
> pretty much any other distribution, if you ask me...).
> > My concern is that my traingin material is dated, as there are some
> > pretty serious differences between 7.3 and RHEL, such as some of the
> > Xwindows files, and especially the printing information. 7.3 being
> > based on simply using the lpd and RHEL using CUPS. How current is the
> > LPI level 1 and 2. Should i focus on the 7.3 material?
> It's not that the exam is out of date, it's based on Linux as a whole,
> not Red Hat in a corner.  Studying using exclusively Red Hat will warp
> your brain and cause little fedora-sporting bob young's to dance in your
> peripheral vision.  Load up a version of Knoppix in that VMWare distro
> you have and get a second opinion on Linux from the masters.
> > Or has the test kept pretty up to date and i'll need to be able to
> > answer questions about CUPS?
> Read the Objectives, you'll see that only LPD-related objectives are
> there, and make sure to look at the permissions for the /etc/passwd and
> /etc/shadow files on both RH 7.3 and Debian...
> >
> > Also, does anyone know of a source of good test prep questions?
> Good Luck, and check out the cramsession.com LPIC Level 1 forum for more
> tips and http://www.linuxtrainers.biz.
> Ross
> >
> > Thanks, so much
> >
> > Mike Partyka
> > Stonepath Logistics
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