[lpi-discuss]Red Hat Certified Engineer certification vs LPIC

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Tue Apr 6 18:00:57 EDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-04-06 at 15:33, Freddy Hurkmans wrote: 
> Hi all,
> Today I read a story about a top 10 list concerning all kinds of 
> certifications (see: 
> http://certcities.com/editorial/features/story.asp?EditorialsID=76)

First off, the CertCities stories on Linux certification have been rather
_pitiful_.  One article recommended the RHCE simply because it was "Red
Hat" and Red Hat was "the" vendor for Linux.  Huh?  I'm a _huge_ proponent
of Red Hat, but even I don't consider Red Hat to be "the" Linux for all.
It was rather _sad_ because it didn't even talk about the tests at all!

Secondly, that's just a "buzzword popularity" contest.  Don't read much
into it, other than _maybe_ what _some_ employers are looking at.

> I noticed that the only Linux certification on the list is the Red Hat 
> Certified Engineer certification.

The rather pitiful CompTIA Linux+ was on there awhile back.  I don't
think CompTIA is going to revamp that test anytime soon -- just not
enough people taking it (for good reason).

> I have chosen to go studying for the LPI certifications, mainly because
> it is distribution independant.

Even as someone that runs pretty much 100% RHL, RHEL and Fedora, even *I*
see the value in LPI.  Yeah, I got the RHCE too, but I went straight through
the LPIC-2 without hesitation.

> Can anybody inform me what the main differences between RHCE and LPIC 
> are (other than the obvious Red Hat specific issues)?

RHCE (and RHCT) = Lab-based

RHCE is also built around Red Hat's training program which, despite the
fact that it is "vendor-centric," is of a Novell-level of training quality.

LPI uses psychometrics, which is valid in its own right.  LPI is also
non-profit, so it's not about "pushing product" -- _unlike_ 90% of the
programs out there.  At the same time, it's _not_ "entry-level" like
CompTIA, which is the only other, major non-profit entity.

Otherwise, read _my_ personal comparison of _all_3_ at the URL below.
[ Yes, I've taken _all_ the exams from CompTIA, LPI and Red Hat ]

On Tue, 2004-04-06 at 17:00, Crawford Rainwater wrote:
> The nutshell version is that the RHCE is between a LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 in ranking,
> closer to the LPIC-1 though (like 1/3 the way above the LPIC-1, in my honest
> opinion here to put a number on it).

I think some of us who have taken the RHCE since the revamp in January
of 2003 -- which makes it _much_more_difficult_ -- to pass might differ
with that statement.  The passing rate has gone way down, with far more
people earning the RHCT "subset" than the "full" RHCE when taking the
RHCE exam.

For my $0.02 (NOTE: I need to update a few inacuracies about the LPI
program that Kara has informed me about):  

The RHCE is _no_ easy feat -- especially in the post-January 2003

> The exam formats though are different since RedHat has their exams as "hands on"
> since the RHEL 3.0 version of the exams (they removed the written portions after
> the RH 9.0 version, which was back in ~November 2003) and takes about 5-6 hours
> total.  Two main components which are trouble shooting and installation.

The written portion of the RHCE was rather useless.  Now _that_ part
might have been LPIC-1 level (or not even), but I completely disagree
that the RHCE is "under" LPIC-2.

> The LPI exams are written or computer question based with shorter time
> periods.  

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