[lpi-discuss] RPM? DPKG? -- [OT] Apt-get isn't just for Dpkg ...

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Tue Apr 6 18:47:50 EDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-04-06 at 13:56, ross brunson wrote:
> I agree totally, who knows what the future will hold for Debian
> packages?  I like apt-get more than rpm for just about any update
> scenario, but the majority of systems use rpm, and in class we get about
> a 20 to 1 ratio of people taking the rpm exam over the dpkg exam.

Slightly OT, but remember, "apt-get" isn't just for Deb anymore.  ;-ppp

Red Hat's Fedora project has also adopted network-aware dependency
checking and auto-downloading with not only their RHN update tool and
YAM (from Yellow Dog), but APT (from the former Fedora.US project) as
well.  Apt-get is probably the preferred mode, or at least what I prefer
if not.  ;-ppp

Right now I use the following APT repository configuration in
/etc/apt/sources.list for Fedora:  

# Fedora Core 
rpm http://download.fedora.us/fedora/ fedora/1/i386 os updates
rpm-src http://download.fedora.us/fedora/ fedora/1/i386 os updates
# Fedora Extras (formerly "Fedora Linux")
rpm http://download.fedora.us/fedora/ fedora/1/i386 stable unstable
rpm-src http://download.fedora.us/fedora/ fedora/1/i386 stable unstable testing
# Livna 3rd party packages with questionable (in USA) licenses - use at
# your own risk
rpm http://rpm.livna.org/ fedora/1/i386 stable unstable testing
rpm-src http://rpm.livna.org/ fedora/1/i386 stable unstable testing 

This configuration basically servies _all_ of Fedora's 5 repositories:  
- Core (fka Red Hat Linux, RHL)
- Extras (fka Fedora.US, available at same repository as Core)
- Alternatives (also fka Fedora.US)
- Legacy (integrated with the previous 3, at Fedora.US)
- 3rd Party ("Non-free", fka Fedora.US, e.g., Livna)

The first 4 are Red Hat supported, under the Fedora Open Source
guidelines.  Any packages in the former Fedora.US project that didn't
fit the bill were moved to Livna.org, which the above sources list

I like this setup _better_ than FreshRPMS.NET -- of which, they are
_also_ moving to become a Fedora 5-repository setup (largely 3rd party,
like Livna).  Livna has a better MPlayer package set for "legally"
playing DVD's under fair use than FreshRPMS.NET IMHO.

Bryan J. Smith, E.I. -- Engineer, Technologist, School Teacher
b.j.smith at ieee.org

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