[lpi-discuss]Exam questions

Eugenio Mastroviti eugenio at evilbastard.org.uk
Tue Apr 13 18:58:44 EDT 2004

First of all, apologies if the questions should appear stupid, but as I 
should take the exam in about a week, I guess I'd better ask now than be 

First of all, I have a few years' worth of experience as Linux sysadmin, 
and I've been studying about a month now, from the IBM practice 
materials, the LPI cert. in a nutshell and from the LIPC1 Certification 
Bible. My results in the practice exams that come with the Cert. Bible 
are consistently between 85 and 90%.


is this enough? Are the questions on the books a good approximation of 
the questions found in the real exam? Where can I find, and do I need, 
more practice material? (I've already checked the 3 links on the LPI site)

Stupidest question ever, probably: as I'm taking the exam next week at 
the Linux User Expo in London, and there are 2 exam sessions, morning 
and afternoon, would it be theoretically possible to take 101 in the 
morning and 102 in the afternoon?

Thanks in advance


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