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ross brunson ross at brunson.org
Tue Apr 13 23:24:01 EDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-04-14 at 00:58, Eugenio Mastroviti wrote:
> First of all, apologies if the questions should appear stupid, but as I 
> should take the exam in about a week, I guess I'd better ask now than be 
> surprised...
> First of all, I have a few years' worth of experience as Linux sysadmin, 
> and I've been studying about a month now, from the IBM practice 
> materials, the LPI cert. in a nutshell and from the LIPC1 Certification 
> Bible. My results in the practice exams that come with the Cert. Bible 
> are consistently between 85 and 90%.
> Questions:
> is this enough? 

Thats a loaded question, have a whack at the following:

Can you name at least two ways to delete a file whose filename starts
with a dash?  (Entirely from the command line, no X or nautilus)

What does the permission set on the following directory mean about the

drwxrwsr-t    5 root     staff        4096 Mar 18 07:11 /data

What command and option makes it possible to stop a shutdown command
that will take action shortly in the future? 

What is the name of the file that is used to configure the xscreensaver?

What command with options and arguments will show what package a file on
disk named /etc/somefile was installed by?  (It's on an RPM system).

A junior sysadmin issued the following command on a system as the root
user, what happened?

rmdir --ignore-fail-on-non-empty /etc

> Are the questions on the books a good approximation of 
> the questions found in the real exam? 

They're pretty good, but bounce yourself off the above, which are pretty
close, but not too close... 

> Where can I find, and do I need, 
> more practice material? (I've already checked the 3 links on the LPI site)

Good question, stay tuned, may not help you out with next week, but
something is coming up soon.

> Stupidest question ever, probably: as I'm taking the exam next week at 
> the Linux User Expo in London, and there are 2 exam sessions, morning 
> and afternoon, would it be theoretically possible to take 101 in the 
> morning and 102 in the afternoon?

If you're ready and have the stamina, you can several to many exams in a
day, but 1 is plenty and 2 is more than enough for most people.  

After 1 you lose 1 I.Q. point per question, it would seem.  Knock out
101 and then study for 102 at more leisure, it's about 15% harder and
covers things most folks haven't worked with at your current level.

I'm sure LPI would appreciate the donation for a failed exam, but it's
better to prepare twice, pass it once, as it were. 8-P

> Thanks in advance

NP, this is entirely fun.


> Eugenio


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