[lpi-discuss]Exam questions

Eugenio Mastroviti eugenio at evilbastard.org.uk
Tue Apr 20 20:03:38 EDT 2004

ross brunson wrote:

>I'm sure LPI would appreciate the donation for a failed exam, but it's
>better to prepare twice, pass it once, as it were. 8-P

Well, thanks to everybody for the advice, and to you in particular for
the only question I couldn't immediately remember the answer to, and
that came up at the exam :)

I took both the exams on the same day - I'll get the results in 2 weeks,
I'm pretty anxious but I believe it might have gone well...

Now for the other questions (sorry guys, I'm a nagging kind of person):
is there a reason why there are no books for LIPC2? Can we expect any to
be published?


"Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company."
(Mark Twain)

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