[lpi-discuss]Exam questions

Eugenio Mastroviti eugenio at evilbastard.org.uk
Thu Apr 22 19:31:11 EDT 2004

Christopher Sawtell wrote:

>Taken as a whole with practical experience added, maybe use Knoppix to start, 
>careful study of the material at all these links mentioned above will take 
>you past any certification system and well on your way into into the real 
>Linux world.

Uh, thanks - but there is a misunderstanding here. I've been a linux
sysadmin for over 8 years (10 actually, God, I'm getting old) and I've
already taken exams 101 and 102. I wanted a feel for the kind of
questions asked at exams 201 and 202, and while I know fairly well the
subjects listed in the exam description, I usually feel more comfortable
if I follow a study guide for an exam, and I also feel better if I have
a feel for the kind of questions asked in the actual exams (what I cal
the "level of trickiness" is an important factor for me, for example).
Not the most logical approach, I'll be the first to admit it, but it's
just that I'm wired that way

Thanks anyway :) I'd say your message was the best "beginner's
guidelines for learning Linux" I've read in ages. If it's open source, I
think I'll save it somewhere and pass it on when I'm asked for advice :)


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