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FYI!  Sounds like a good project to me, but I am biased :-)

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Subject: [LUNI] Building A Better LPI Self-Study Guide

A while back I decided to take the LPI 101 & 102 certification exams.
I wanted to study on my own, but I could not find very much up-to-date
self-study material.  So, after taking the exams I decided to write my
own self-study guide and submit it to the Linux Documentation Project.
This is a big project and I could use some help.

* If you are a certified person and would like to write some practice
  questions I would appreciate hearing from you.

* If you work for Redhat, Novell, IBM or any other Linux vendor I
  would like to get your input as well.

* If you are thinking about taking the LPI exams in the near future
  please let me know how the guide compares to other preparation
  material you are using.

The work in progress is available at: http://www.happy-monkey.net/LPI/LPI-Self-Study-Guide.html


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