[lpi-discuss] Did anyone work with SuSE on the SL103 Exam? It's junk IMHO!

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Tue Jul 20 12:53:51 EDT 2004

640/800 composite is passing.
I got a 596, which was failing.

I knew _everything_ on that exam.
After all, I just did a crash course on it.
I covered _everything_ and I _knew_everything_ on it.

But I was just shaking my head as I took it.
Was there even a beta test on it in the US?

I mean, there are some _dead_wrong_ details.
And the score sheet doesn't even list objectives for study!
What's with that?

That right there tells me it was "rushed to market."
Novell should have just not introduced it, instead of
introducing it only to retire it at year's end.

My ramblings on the exam:  

     Linux Enthusiasts call me anti-Linux.
   Windows Enthusisats call me anti-Microsoft.
 They both must be correct because I have over a
decade of experience with both in mission critical
environments, resulting in a bigotry dedicated to
 mitigating risk and focusing on technologies ...
           not products or vendors
Bryan J. Smith, E.I.            b.j.smith at ieee.org

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