[lpi-discuss] Re: Did anyone work with SuSE on the SL103 Exam? It's junk IMHO!

Amish Munshi amish_munshi at fastmail.fm
Fri Jul 23 00:15:31 EDT 2004


I gave the SL103 and I have passed. I found the exam very similar to LPI
level 2. My experience with it was very similar as compared to Level2. I
scored 656.
I guess after ironing out a few initial glitches we can easily master
this exam. My view is very few topics are covered in the exam, which
makes it difficult to pass and it is very suse specific. But I guess
that is why SuSE considers it to be aligned with LPI and not a
standalone exam.


On Wed, 2004-07-21 at 21:34, Bryan J. Smith wrote:
> On Wed, 2004-07-21 at 08:15, Marcus Grewe wrote:
> > Is there anyone else who can tell about his experiance with the SuSE 103
> > - exam?
> I've had some interesting conversations on other lists about the exam,
> but largely in response to my questions.
> E.g., many people accused me of being a Red Hat guy.  But even *I* know
> that SuSE does not recommend modifying /etc/bash.bashrc (and using
> bash.bashrc.local) instead.
> It's crap like that which would be weeded out in a beta test.
> The whole question was worded poorly and the answer set was not ideal.
> It's like some of the writers really needed some peer-review.
> > As far as I am informed it is one of the prerequisites to become
> > a SuSE Certified Instructor,
> Novell is _trashing_ the _whole_ current SuSE program at year's end.
> I don't know about in Germany, where there was various licensing,
> partnerships and other details, but from wht I've been told, the
> US is going to be 100% CNI-lead instruction.
> > and it should reflect the distribution specific topics which are not
> > covered in LPI 1 (words from the vendor)...?!?!?! 
> And it does a good job in the design of the objectives.
> I'm not desputing that at all.
> My complaint is that the questions and answers are horrendous.  They had
> me second and third guessing on whether or not the exam writer was
> incompetent or playing tricks.  On an LPI-aligned level 1, that is just
> _wrong_.  Many times there was _no_ "best answer."  I was pissed when I
> saw some of the crap on there!
> A public US beta would have cleared this up.
> And the 640/800 requirement is rather steep.  You miss just a few
> questions out of the 50 and you fail -- literally 3 big ones and
> it's over, or 5 mid-difficulty ones.  That's just unheard of for a level
> 1 exam!
> I was surprised I got a 596/800, which makes me wonder if my logic
> wasn't so bad.  I literally don't know, which makes me think that taking
> it again will result in another $125 down the toilet.
> I can only assume Novell doesn't want many people to pass until the exam
> is retired at year's end.  I would _really_ like to hear from some
> Novell people on this, because I'm scratching my head.  I can only
> assume they introduced it in the US without a beta because they were in
> Germany -- probably because of some licensing/partnerships SuSE had
> before Novell bought them.
> > I was planning to take this exam in two weeks and want to get some
> > opinions.
> I'd personally wait for the Novell courseware and exam to come out
> this fall.  Take it instead.
> Novell writes quality courseware and exams, always has.  They have the
> most experience.  I don't walk away from a Novell exam saying, "but I
> know this!"  Their testing methodology is well respected.

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