[lpi-discuss] Re: LPIC-1/2 training (SuSE, Red Hat orDebian/Xandros oriented) -- WAS: SL103

Jack Coates jack at monkeynoodle.org
Sat Jul 24 20:53:18 EDT 2004

> On Sat, 2004-07-24 at 19:35, Jim Pye wrote:
>> With 12 years in the teaching IT game. This a very common problem,
>> ...

> I've been in a traditional classroom with 35+ kids in a low-income
> area!  Want to talk about "facilitating!"  You've got to keep them busy
> so they are not a discipline problem, at the same time you've got to
> prepare some for standardized tests while others are ready for higher
> levels.  I used to walk in with 3 levels of lesson plans for each class
> everyday (15 total).  5 months of that and I was toast -- not worth it.

I know a number of people in this situation, my parents included. It's
brutal and you have my sympathies for walking out.

> But with Linux, it's nearly _all_ of the class that is "behind."
> Luckily, it's only been at client sites, so I get a little help from the
> others to "keep people up."  But I've found I've still had to "shift
> down a gear or two" and then just give them an "overview" of what to
> study for the exam.

I'm currently working my first 'mostly Windows' job in about six years, a
fact which never fails to shock the "Windows-is-all-there-is" zealots and
corporate IT folks I work with these days. A lot of people don't realize
how big the market truly is; even if you're only capturing a few percent
of the IT pie, that's still enough for a lot of people to make good

> I think the LinuxCore is going to drive some "good" advocacy.  There is
> so much "bad" advocacy out there, sometimes I don't know if I'm talking
> to anti-MS people or flat out anti-corporate people.

Agreed, and an issue that I run into every day on technical and political
fronts :)

> I wear my MCSE shirt the first day, which catches everyone off-guard.
> Within 1 hour, they realize they are talking to a guy that has supported
> both NT and Linux on corporate networks for almost a decade, and has the
> first-hand knowledge to support why Linux has a lower TCO time and time
> again.

nicely done.

> I'm also not anti-Microsoft.  There are various examples of this.
> ESR says "winning the database vendors in '99 was a big coup."  It
> wasn't at all.  Microsoft caused it.  They stopped allowing all tier-1
> PC OEMs to ship all non-MSSQL databases on Windows Servers in their
> licensing agreements, which effectively killed 90% of Oracle's
> marketshare (among others).  This is why Oracle when Linux.
> Same reason for Corel.  They went Linux because once they bought
> WordPerfect, Microsoft cut everything from under them.  Linux was the
> only avenue out at the time.

Which makes me wonder how long it will be before Citrix is shipping Linux
products <evil grin>.

> Linux is about a corporate community as much as an individual one.

Microsoft environments/products do have their place and value; I just want
to see their market share eroded back to somewhere between 50 and 80
percent. There needs to be room for other, interoperable ways of doing

To take all this back to LPI-related issues, wouldn't an interoperability
certification track be the bomb? Certify knowledge of
AD/LDAP/Kerberos/Samba integration and you'd be putting together a list of
some very bright people indeed.

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