[lpi-discuss] Books for the current LPI 101 (are there any ?)

ross brunson ross at brunson.org
Thu Nov 4 18:41:59 EST 2004

Oops, that's a drag.  Funny you should ask, I do know a newly released
and up to date book, it's the LPI Level 1 Exam Cram 2 from Que's Exam
Cram  series, available at any book store that stocks such books or
online at amazon, bn and bookpool.

I've already got a lot of good feedback on the book (I wrote it) and I
do recommend you grab a copy, it is the ONLY up to date book, and
condenses my 3 years of doing LPI certification training and bootcamps
into one book.


On Thu, 2004-11-04 at 22:20 +0000, lpi.list at jumpstation.co.uk wrote:
> hi,
> I did not do enough research before buying the "LPIC Prep Kit Exam #101 
> General Linux I" ISBN 0-787-2292-5 .
> After studying the book and finding that I knew most of the subjects and any 
> thing I was not familiar with I at lease understood, I rushed through the 
> registration process found a testing site close by and tried to book an exam 
> to find that the exam no longer exists in the form noted by the Author 
> Theresa Hadden Martinez (and I realised the book was four years old).
> Are there any books that cover and are explicitly published for the current 
> LPI 101 exam ?
> (all my searching has found are books that are even older than 2000)
> Thanks
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