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Scott Lamberton scottl at lpi.org
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Friends: my apologies-- in preparing the October newsletter I noted that 
although I had submitted the September newsletter to lpi-staff I had 
neglected to do so to lpi-discuss and lpi-alumni list!  Here is the 
September newsletter.  The October newsletter will be out tomorrow and 
the November newsletter out next weekend.

September 2004 Newsletter:

1. UNCTAD Address

2. Asia Open Source Software Symposium

3. International Open Source Network

4. New LPI Headquarters

5. Exam Labs in India and Hong Kong

6. Affiliate News: LPI-German

7. Exam Development Report

1. UNCTAD Address

President Evan Leibovitch was amongst a panel of ¨expert speakers¨ in 
September to the United Nations Committee on Trade and Development in 
Geneva, Switzerland. The panel discussion was attended by approximately 
100 diplomats and trade officials.

Evan spoke on the importance of public policy on open standards and LPI 
to the capacity development of a global FOSS infrastructure particularly 
through skills development.

Media Coverage of LPI´s participation in this event is available at Open 
Magazine: http://www.open-mag.com/1823548698.shtml



2. Asia Open Source Software Symposium

Evan also attended the 4th Annual Asia Open Source Software Symposium 
Center in Taipei, Taiwan. The Annual event is hosted by International 
Cooperation for Computerization (CICC) of Japan and brings together 
policy makers and business leaders in IT to share ideas and research. 
Evan spoke on the importance of open standards in promoting open source 
software.  Here he is on the morning of Day 2 ¨making a point¨ both 
standing up and sitting down 

Evan´s presentation to the Symposium can be found here: 

3. International Open Source Network, Malaysia

While in Asia, Evan also met with senior representatives of the The 
International Open Source Network (IOSN: http://www.iosn.net). IOSN is a 
Centre of Excellence for Free / Open Source Software in the Asia-Pacific 
Region and is an initiative of the Asia-Pacific Information Development 
Programme (APDIP - http://www.apdip.net), During the meeting plans were 
finalized for the IOSN to sponsor a series of LPI proctor training 
sessions in Vietnam in November. For more information on these planned 

4. New LPI Headquarters

LPI has obtained new office headquarters at the Learning Enrichment 
Foundation (LEF) in Toronto, Ontario (http://www.lefca.org). LEF is a 
community economic development centre in Toronto providing office space, 
technology services, training, and conference hosting services to a 
variety of community and non-profit organizations. Included here is the 
outdoor office sign (you´ll note that our name is above that of the 
Microsoft Trainer in the building): 


Linux Professional Institute
116 Industry Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M6M 4L8

Telephone: 1-416-760-2559
FAX: 1-905-452-9754
Email: info at lpi.org

Office contact: Elaine Turner at eturner at lpi.org.

5. Exam Labs in India and Hong Kong

In September, Glenn McKnight, Director of Business Development went to 
both India and Hong Kong to host exam labs.

Glenn was part of the Novell Roadshow in India and hosted exam labs in 
Bangalore, Mumbai and New Dehli. He also spoke at multiple events with 
over 800 people each event. Glenn also trained 10 Proctors in the 
country and his hard work in India earned him accolades from Novell: 

In Hong Kong Glenn tested 200 people and trained four new proctors while 
meeting with our affiliate contacts in that city.

6. Affiliate News: LPI-German

LPI-German announced this month a generous sponsorship from 
Hewlett-Packard Education Services in Germany to assist with the 
promotion and marketing of LPI in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: see 

7. Exam Development Report

The Exam Development team issued a September 2004 report which is 
available to LPI Board and staff on the LPI groupware.

Priorities outlined in the report include: (1)finishing work with the 
recently written Level 1 items and translation of these items after 
their beta period; and (2)analysis of existing Level 2 item pool within 
a short time using the exam development tool. The report also identified 
such needs as the greater use of the existing groupware, a tool to 
handle candidate feedback and integration of vendors´ exam item comments.

The team is working on a Certification roadmap and schedule which should 
be completed by the end of October.

Scott Lamberton
Director of Community Relations
Linux Professional Institute
Email: scottl at lpi.org
Web: http://www.lpi.org
Telephone: +1-416-666-1574

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