[lpi-discuss] lpi exam beta questions? and exam cram2 LPIC 1 book

ross brunson ross at brunson.org
Thu Oct 14 17:29:58 EDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-10-14 at 09:20 -0400, ekco9595 wrote:
> Hey whats with the beta questions!? lol thats kinda unfair, I just took the 
> LPI 101 exam and passed it thank God ;) but I was surpised at having 25 beta 
> questions that werent even gonna count on my exam and I didnt know which 
> questions were beta and which werent that was kinda unfair lol beta is for 
> voluteeners but oh well

You'll have to give LPI feedback about that one, I've said for a while
that seeding beta questions into a live exam is like doing drug testing
on people who buy from the pharmacy, but it's a fact of life.

>  and Ross!!! your book.. lol so much of it wasnt on the exam at all, like 
> questions on vi i dont believe there was even one.

Right, so you prepared and studied the objectives, and you didn't get
any questions on two of those topics.  So, was the learning and studying
wasted?  I and other book/courseware authors have to cover the entirety
of the objectives, as you are going to be tested on them and have to
perform them in real life.

>  same with pppd no 
> questions at all, setserial i believe there was only one question or none and 
> so many other topics as well there was just absoultely no questions on and if 
> there were any at all they were extremely simple (you didnt need to know 
> about URTAGS and baud_base and setserial commands and ifconfig

Same thing, you have to prepare and learn for the "possibility" of
questions on these topics, if I teach you all nothing else, it's to
learn about the depth and breadth of Linux, not just the stuff needed to
pass the exams...

>  and IRQS I/O 
> there was like one question) arg just a little 

> furstated i studying that stuff and tried to keep it in memory for nothing, 

cat /dev/steve | ispell > /dev/console  (grin)

> as for you notes NO ITS NOT 
> A MUST ON THE EXAM lol but I do relize that the questions are different if 
> you retake the exam but even still.. anywhoo i hade to vent a bit ;) I still 
> love you though Ross  buddy ;) heh

Same here, now go out and do something seriously worthwhile with all
that energy, like pass your 102!


> Steve.
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