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Evan Leibovitch evan at lpi.org
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ekco9595 wrote:

|Hey whats with the beta questions!? lol thats kinda unfair, I just
took the
|LPI 101 exam and passed it thank God ;) but I was surpised at having
25 beta
|questions that werent even gonna count on my exam and I didnt know which
|questions were beta and which werent that was kinda unfair lol beta
is for
|voluteeners but oh well

I'm not sure what you consider to be "unfair". The objectives of the
exams haven't changed, and the level of challenge of the exams has not
gone down.

What you are seeing is an ongoing process. All future LPI exams will
be seeded with new questions, which will be introduced on a regular
basis in addition to older exam items. These new questions are to be
evaluated for their relevance and quality before becoming part of the
pool of "official" exam items.

This process allows us to grow the pool of questions, while
maintaining the high quality standards for which LPI is known. The new
exam questions will not serve be part of a candidate's pass/fail
decision until they have been subjected to our conventional
psychometric analysis. By growing our total question pool this way, we
enhance the security of our exams (by impeding the abilities of
cheaters) and thus help protect the value of LPI's certification for
everyone who completes our program.

|and Ross!!! your book.. lol so much of it wasnt on the exam at all,

Just because not everything you earned was included on your test,
doesn't mean you don't need to know it. The LPI objectives are a
minimum skillset for a would-be admin, not a maximum.

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