[lpi-discuss] lpi exam beta questions? and exam cram2 LPIC 1 book

G. Matthew Rice matt at starnix.com
Fri Oct 15 14:20:19 EDT 2004

ekco9595 <ekco9595 at rogers.com> writes:
> I know but I just meant the point is for beta testing that is volentueer
> work usually, people voluenterr to try out beta stuff and can even get
> rewarded for doing that, beta testing is for beta testers, but you dont
> force someone involentuerrly to take 25 extra beta questions on a real live
> exam thats a little off putting.. others thought the same as well, but oh
> well who cares im done it :P and off to 102 

What Torsten said :)

Plus, perhaps it is the choice of the term 'beta' that should be corrected?

Personally, I don't see a problem with spending an extra 30 minutes answering
questions that don't count for my score if I knew that they were being used
to keep the exam up to date, more secure and _good_.

> btw she said that she hasnt hade anyone in about a year take that same LPI
> exam is LPI popular and recgonized well or? (im in canada.ontario.toronto)
> I did just get it for an extra thing to show I know the material but im
> curious if its well known or whatever

Well, LPI's blown way past RedHat in the number of exams taken and the number
of cert holders.  Entire countries are looking at LPI as _the_ Linux cert [I
don't know details; mind like a sieve].  It's probably a good thing to get :)

BTW, I'm in ca.on.to, too.  I'm working with the Canadian affiliate of LPI to
increase awareness, acceptance and raw numbers here [http://www.linux.ca].
If you have some spare volunteer cycles, I know of things that need doing.
Some tech, most not.  Contact me offline, if you're interested.

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