[lpi-discuss] Re: just took the 102 exam..

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Wed Oct 20 14:38:05 EDT 2004

DISCLAIMER:  I do _not_ speak for LPI in any regard
These are _my_opinions_ based on what I know about the program,
objectives, etc...  Knowing the _objectives_ are crucial.

On Wed, 2004-10-20 at 13:41, Steve wrote:
> arg just took the 102 exam and failed.. that really sucks i never fail
> this is completely unacceptable, the 102 exam was much different from
> the 101, it was much harder and the questions were more tricky and
> complicated as oppose to the extremely simple questions on the 101 it
> was very easy, i got 430 out min 500 i though min was 450? it changed?

500/800 composite for LPIC-1, 530/800 composite for LPIC-2 I believe?

Try SL103, it's 640/800 composite, I missed it by less than 50 and I've
taught our own course for it!  Sad, very sad indeed.

[ I'm talking the Novell version next time, long story ]

> man its just all the subjects i stuided and know there were so few
> questions on and the subjects i didnt know that would be on it and im
> not fimilar with in detail at all is DNS,ssh keys/auth etc..,NFS there
> so many quesitons on those!

LPIC-1 is considered Junior Administrator (18 months corporate
experience) exam, of which, DNS, SSH, NFS and other network name,
authentication, access and filesystems are considered basic 102, and in
more detail in advanced 202 for LPIC-2 Senior Administrator (36 months
corporate experience).

> and like so few on the kernel and runlevel/startup argg this sucks lol

The 101 exam (2 options) of LPIC-1 should cover more packaging and
boot-time/configuration fundamentals, possibly the 201 exam of LPIC-2 in
more detail.

> oh well ill  just have study and pratice these areas and retake.. and

Try to take failure and turn it into a positive.  Out of only 40 exams,
I've only failed 2.  One was a CIW, my first, which taught me how to
_ace_ all the others (sad, but true, they are a "test of a test") and
the only SuSE one that became available (which told me to wait on Novell

Learning DNS, SSH and NFS are _good_things_ to know for corporate

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