[lpi-discuss] LPI exam guides

Kevin Rorke KevinR at laragh.com
Tue Apr 26 11:29:47 EDT 2005


This is my first posting to the LPI Discussion list.

I'm interested in finding out what kind of source material most people use
to study for the LPI exams. Clearly one needs to have the necessary
experience in addition to anything else, but it seems that books on the
subject are a little bit thin on the ground.

I recently took the LPI101 exam, and used the LPIC Bible as a reference
guide. Although it seemed to cover most of the exam syllabus, it didn't
really prepare me for the intimate knowledge of individual command options
that is required - so I only scraped through the exam (much to my chagrin).
I'm going to do the 102 exam fairly soon, and I'm wondering what suggestions
anyone might have for exam guides and the like. Is the O'Reilly "LPI
Certification in a nutshell" book any good, I wonder?

Ironically, I'm a technical writer and am presently developing content for a
computer-based course on the LPI2 exam. Maybe I'll write my own LPI1 exam
guide one day if I ever have time ;-)

Kevin Rorke

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