[lpi-discuss] LPI offers free exams at LinuxWorld San Francisco

Tony Godshall togo at of.net
Mon Aug 1 17:27:42 EDT 2005

According to Scott Lamberton,
> Tony Godshall wrote:
> > I notice you indicate LPI 101 exam will be offered.
> > 
> > Please indicate whether other exams will also be offered.
> > 
> > At Linux Desktop Summit I was prepared to take the second
> > test but was brushed off.
> Tony:
> Only 101 will be available for free at LinuxWorld San Francisco.  If you
> want to write other tests at full cost for PBT's (paper-based tests)
> please let me know.  PBT's are still 50% of the cost of CBT's
> (computer-based testing).
> We offer free exams as a promotional tool.  Generally we only offer the
> 101 exam free at special events where we are rewarded with substantial
> promotion (i.e. IDG sponsorship)--although on a few occasions we do
> offer 201 as well.  We hope by offering these exams at promotional
> events that potential test takers will recognize the value of our
> program and spend the money on additional exams in order to achieve
> their certification.
> Unlike organizations whose primary revenues are derived from the sales
> of software or training services our ONLY source of revenue is
> certification exams.  For us, certification is not a marketing tool for
> other value-added services.  Certification is our sole business activity.
> Since I know who was representing us at the Linux Desktop Summit and you
> and I corresponded during that time I personally doubt very much you
> were "brushed off"--although you may justifiably feel that way or,
> alternatively, someone was not complete in their description as to why
> the exam was not available or they simply did not have copies of the
> paper-based exam available that you wanted to write.  I ask only that
> you consider the difference between our business model and that of other
> certifications--and recognize why we must be careful about de-valuing a
> product that must, by necessity, be driven by considerations of quality.

You can spin it if you like, but I was promised that addl
tests would be available and the person there was not
prepared to give them.

I find your presumption that my primary motivation is the
cost of the test offensive and would ask you not to raise
that straw man further.  Please promise only what you can
do, and then be prepared to do what you have promised.

> If you are willing to pay $50 cost for writing other PBT's than 101 I
> will endeavour to make them available at LWSF.

Yes please.

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