[lpi-discuss] LPI offers free exams at LinuxWorld San Francisco

Scott Lamberton scottl at lpi.org
Tue Aug 2 10:32:46 EDT 2005

Tony Godshall wrote:
> You can spin it if you like, but I was promised that addl
> tests would be available and the person there was not
> prepared to give them.

> I find your presumption that my primary motivation is the
> cost of the test offensive and would ask you not to raise
> that straw man further.  Please promise only what you can
> do, and then be prepared to do what you have promised.

I can only "promise" you that all our tests are available by
computer-based testing at your convenience at any Prometric or VUE
testing centre.

Anything else is a "special" service subject to availability and promotions.
>>If you are willing to pay $50 cost for writing other PBT's than 101 I
>>will endeavour to make them available at LWSF.
> Yes please.

I have made relevant inquiries.

If we are able to find a volunteer to "proctor" you during LSWF than a
discounted PBT will be made available to you.

However, please contact me personally to tell me which exam you are
interested in writing and why you are unable to write it by usual CBT

Thank you for your inquiries.


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