[lpi-discuss] Re: LPI offers free exams at LinuxWorld San Francisco

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Tue Aug 2 11:27:30 EDT 2005

Scott Lamberton <scottl at lpi.org> wrote:
> If we are able to find a volunteer to "proctor" you during
> LSWF than a discounted PBT will be made available to you.

I think this is the _crux_ of any LPI response.

There is an "expectation" by some people that don't account
for all of the "volunteering" that is done by LPI and its

Based on just the previous correspondence in this thread, I
could easily see myself as a LPI volunteer and being
presented with unreasonable expectations in the middle of a
conference, resulting in the previous correspondence I've
seen here.

-- Bryan

P.S.  Some people who know me on various technical list might
think I'm being a hypocrite on saying this, being that I've
been known to be "abrassive" to some in the past.  But I
always try to take the time to understand why and how
organizations do things in the forefront of my mind.  I.e.,
people who have had the greatest ... um, how can I say this
... "difficulty" with myself are typically those who tend to
... um, "not be understanding" of organizations, and the
reasons why they do what they do.

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