[lpi-discuss] Discounts for young teens?

Mark Miller mark.miller at lpi.org
Tue Aug 9 10:17:28 EDT 2005

On Mon, 2005-08-08 at 22:20 -0700, Perry Huang wrote:
> Dear LPI community,
> I am 13 and I will be taking the LPI test 102 (or 101, not sure) tomarrow
> at LinuxWorld San Francisco!

Cool! It will most likely be the 101 test that is available.

>  I currently have no certifications, so I am
> looking forward to taking it tomarrow. However, I have the exhibiter pass
> to the expo, so my test will cost me $25. Are there special discounts for
> young teens? If not, will there ever be one?

The $25 fee IS a special discount. Normally they are about $100 at a VUE
or Prometric testing center. I doubt that you will ever see a "teen
discount" because we know that teens can do the job! Did you know that
back in the ancient 70's the head programmer for Atari was 14?

> Ahhh, I have to keep reading my Exam Cram 2 LPI book. I've probably read
> about half of it, but I have been using linux for quite some time now,
> maybe since I was in 4th grade?

The Exam Cram book is good but the best thing you have going for you is
your hands on experience. Good Luck!

Mark Miller
Program Manager
Exam Development Level 1
Linux Professional Institute

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