[lpi-discuss] IPv6 in exam LPI ?

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Wed Aug 17 18:01:19 EDT 2005

Timo Dotzauer <tdotzauer at online.de> wrote:
> I think that use of "route" for static routes is a Level 1
> Item. So I a Level Admin should be able to configure
> route. So IPv6 was developed for huge networks and huge
> networks use dynamic routing.

Umm, this is _not_ what I'm referring to at all. 
Furthermore, we need more people to understand IPv6, not
assume it's about global address space.  Heck, I would argue
that's 90% of the problem with its misunderstanding.

It's not even a static v. dynamic issue.  That's more
netadmin anyway.  I'm just talking about understanding what
the heck the difference is between the LINKLOCAL and Routed
Subnet IPv6 addresses.  I guess I'm talking to people who
don't know.

Hence the continues "problem" here.  ;->

> Parallel to this discussion, I open a new discussion at the
> lpi-de list.  I will report the feedback.


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