[lpi-discuss] Re: IPv6 in exam LPI? -- if you don't know what IPv6 is, read up on it ...

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Wed Aug 17 18:53:01 EDT 2005

I know many people think they know what IPv6 is.  But 99% of
the articles are talking about IPv6 from a global address
space.  I want you to _ignore_ all those discussions.

I will ask people to read up on IPv6, how it works on the
same, physical layer-2 network (no routing).  How ARP and
DHCP are eliminated, how systems and equipment differ, etc...
from IPv4.

Also understand how many distros, SuSE is the one I've
personally run into (Ubuntu was also mentioned), ship with
the LINKLOCAL IPv6 enabled.  That's not used for _any_
routing at all, just local layer-2 traffic.

Because IPv6 co-exists with IPv4, but as a sysadmin, you need
to know about it.  Most don't.  Most wonder why they have
issues, not realizing there is an IPv6 LINKLOCAL address on
their eth0.  Again, I'm only stating that on the LPIC-1 for
2007+, based on _now_, people need to know what an IPv6 looks
like, and how to disable it on eth0 (without just doing
"ifconfig eth0 down" ;-).

If you're adventureous, then start reading up on how IPv6 can
be used for internal routes.  These IPv6 addresses are
_unique_ from both the LINKLOCAL _and_ the global address
space.  At the most, this is what a sysadmin would configure
via "ifconfig" and "route" (static) when there are more than
one subnet.  And that's only what I was saying we might want
to see on the LPIC-2.

The sooner we make IPv6 considerations more ubiquitous with
IPv4 considerations, the more people will not see the
difference in consideration.  After all, I don't know how
many times I've seen people freak when they seen IPv6
addresses in a /etc/hosts file, a DHCP block or DNS zones.

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