More work for the objective review (was Re: [lpi-discuss] Re: IPv6 in exam LPI ?)

Torsten Scheck torsten.scheck at
Thu Aug 18 04:50:01 EDT 2005

Evan Leibovitch wrote:
> Whether IPv6, or SELinux, or Postfix, or any other component
> becomes part of the LPIC exam should be determined by a formal
> process that is open, well defined/understood, and based on a
> broad solicitation of input. It requires a sample size
> substantially greater than the number of participants in these
> threads.

Thank you for your more holistic view on the discussion, Evan.

> What optimally should come out of these discussions is a proper
> formulation of the _questions_ to ask during the research phase
> of the objective review.

I assume that the discussion about IPv6 will be used in such a way, i.e.
as preparation for the JTA in 2006/7--not in this year's objective review.

But as I'm not sure, I stress your call for a "formal process that is
open, well defined/understood" and ask for clarification and guidance
from LPI's program managers, so that we know in which context the
discussion takes place.

> The LPI program should be a reflection, not a driver, of
> current best practice by admins.

While I agree on this with respect to new technologies and hypes, I
still see LPI as a kind of driver:

While most admins use distribution specific tools, we "drive" the
awareness and use of the underlying basic technology to improve
understanding and flexibility.

As for IPv6: I hope we can make our little contribution to an improved
network understanding amongst Linux users by introducing IPv6 with our
next major exam objective renewal (level of detail depends on JTA, of
course). We should not forget that IPv6 is much more popular in Japan,
China and India. For Level 1, I wish we will at least include an
overview of the main benefits of both IPv4 and IPv6. I don't see any of
this in the current objective review, though.


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