More work for the objective review (was Re: [lpi-discuss] Re:IPv6 in exam LPI ?)

Dimitrios Bogiatzoules taki at
Thu Aug 18 05:33:54 EDT 2005

Torsten Scheck sagte:
> [...]
> I assume that the discussion about IPv6 will be used in such a way, i.e.
> as preparation for the JTA in 2006/7--not in this year's objective review.
> But as I'm not sure, I stress your call for a "formal process that is
> open, well defined/understood" and ask for clarification and guidance
> from LPI's program managers, so that we know in which context the
> discussion takes place.


> As for IPv6: I hope we can make our little contribution to an improved
> network understanding amongst Linux users by introducing IPv6 with our
> next major exam objective renewal (level of detail depends on JTA, of
> course). We should not forget that IPv6 is much more popular in Japan,
> China and India. For Level 1, I wish we will at least include an
> overview of the main benefits of both IPv4 and IPv6. I don't see any of
> this in the current objective review, though.

Let me say a few words as the Level 2 lead.

A JTA (Job task analysis) is done to define and describe task that a
sysadmin of the specific level must be able to complete. That is, when
configuring or planing a network, the use of diffent amounts of knowledge
regarding IP.

The objectives review is just a process where the descriptios are adapted
(or not, of course) to new technology that wasn't available at the moment
the JTA was done but is used to fullfil exactly the same task. For example
at the moment we ask only around IPV4 but I do not see any issues if we
would start to add IPV6 to questions if the review process shows that
there is definitely a demand for that knowledge for a sysadmin.

Doing the objectives review doesn't mean that there are any restrictions
for comments. We will, at some point, sort out things that cannot be
applied to the certification but we still need a lot opinions to be able
to judge...

While I enjoy the discussions here in our lists, I'd like to remind you
all not to forget to use the objectives review page(s) and the links
provided there, to comment specific objectives. Only that way places you
opinions and comments in our tools in a way that makes it easy for the
exam development team to manage them.


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