More work for the objective review (was Re: [lpi-discuss] Re:IPv6 in exam LPI ?)

Dimitrios Bogiatzoules taki at
Thu Aug 18 05:44:32 EDT 2005

Torsten Scheck sagte:
> China and India. For Level 1, I wish we will at least include an
> overview of the main benefits of both IPv4 and IPv6. I don't see any of
> this in the current objective review, though.

BTW: The proposed reviewed objectives are the results of what the exam
development team thought that should done. There isn't any reason to think
that the list is complete and we cannot add/remove changes there. We can
as long as they don't "touch" the tasks defined in the JTA.

The current review of objectives runs still for some months and as long as
we won't declare  objectives as "freezed" changes can and *will* be

As Mark stated "it's your certification", which means Linux community's!

We, the exam development team ,are there to take care that the
certifications quality is kept as high as possible and that the techical
part is completed in time (items, exam forms, etc.).


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