[lpi-discuss] Re: More work for the objective review -- IPv4/6 LINKLOCAL and SITELOCAL

Torsten Scheck torsten.scheck at gmx.de
Thu Aug 18 09:59:11 EDT 2005

Bryan J. Smith wrote:
>>Or should there be two tasks "administer IPv4 network" and "administer
>>IPv6 network" in the first place? Doesn't IPv6 integration introduce a
>>whole new set of tasks?
> No.  The only things that require a new objective are _not_ "sysadmin"
> level details.  Netadmins might need to worry about Anycast, IPv6-IPv4
> tunneling, etc..., but not sysadmins.

I see your point, and I agree with you. Still, I'd be careful with
including this in the current objectives review to keep the amount of
change low.

Let's hope that our JTA won't yield that Linux sysadmins usually are
also netadmins. ;-)


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