[lpi-discuss] Re: MAC/RBAC: Should be a LPIC-3-only consideration (especially if POSIX ACLs are)

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Thu Aug 18 13:47:54 EDT 2005

Matt Benjamin <matt at linuxbox.com> wrote:
> We are not disagreeing here:  I'm speaking about systems
> like Grsecurity or RSBAC, which are kernel-enforced.  (I
> can't think of anything not kernel-enforced that I would
> mean by MAC, but...)

Okay, fair enough.

BTW, I wasn't the one that brought up SELinux.
Someone else used it as an analogy.

In fact, coming back to that analogy, given the existance of
other solutions than SELinux, it's not a good one.  I guess
I'm I'm a little biased to SELinux going forward, and I
failed to recognize that.

There is no "alternative" for IPv6.

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