[lpi-discuss] OpenICDL Project Release 1.0

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Mon Aug 29 12:19:03 EDT 2005

Hello Sean,

>Again, it is the ICDL who keep quality assurance and ensure that only selected 
>versions of the OpenICDL work are accepted as official releases.
Yes, and it was my impression was that the selection and approval 
process (as well as ongoing royalties to maintain the approval and logo) 
could get expensive.

Furthermore, it had been brought to my attention that at least in 
Europe, the ICDL/ECDL was becoming aggressive in eliminating 
"unofficial" materials (that is, materials that claimed to follow the 
ECDL syllabus but were not officially endorsed).

I'm interested to know the OpenICDL status in this regard.

- Evan

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