[lpi-discuss] LPIC-2 makes #10 on the CertCities' Top 10 for 2006 ...

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Fri Dec 16 14:03:06 EST 2005

Evan Leibovitch <evan at telly.org> wrote:
> IMO the certification media (certcities, Certification
> Magazine, etc.) act as collective cheerleaders for the IT
> certification industry ... cut ...

I completely agree with you Evan.  It's a circular,
self-interest racket for the most part.

In having a dozen years experience, a BSECE from a top 25 EE
program and 0 certifications, I thought I was fine. 
Unfortunately, once I started consulting, those little
letters meant everything when it came to getting clients. 
Hence why I gave in, and then some (as I've regularly

> During some conversations with them about LPI's ranking 
> some years ago, I came to the point of view that, like in
> the entertainment industry, this "buzz" can be bought.

And once again, I agree with you.

Which makes the #10 place for LPIC-2 a pretty damn big deal. 
Here is a self-interested organization, designed by and for
the big business of training, and they have to concede that
LPI has generated a $0-driven mindshare.

Now if that isn't a sign of LPI's peer marketing, I don't
know what is.

> Even well-intentioned articles like the ones that
> Steven Vaughan-Nichols

Who admitted that he didn't use Linux regularly until just
very recently.  The technical accuracy of his articles have
always been suspect in the past, and he tends to "sell" Linux
in ways that make me cringe.

> totally oblivious to the irony of the soapbox used to
> deliver this particular complaint.

I know this is going to get a lot of backlash, but some IT
professionals in the electrical/computer engineering industry
are the equivalent of construction workers in the civil
engineering industry.  Some construction workers can run
levels, survey transits and have to use trigonometry.

And yes, you have outstanding technologists in EE just like
you have key, differenting technologists in CE, such as the
professional land surveyor (who is licensed too).  But make
no mistake, people _finally_ woke up to the fact that the IT
professional is _not_ a rocket scientist just a few years

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