[lpi-discuss] Exam Cram test engine does not work!!

ross brunson ross at brunson.org
Mon Jan 17 14:07:42 EST 2005


Yes, that version is unfortunately got some problems,
the contractor left a debugging script enabled and it
messes up on a couple of versions of linux.

Please email Carol Ackerman
(cackerman at samspublishing.com) and she will give you
the download link for the new version, which has all
400-some-odd questions working etc.

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, and let me know
what you think of the rest of the book, if you found
it helpful etc.


Ross E. Brunson
ross at brunson.org

--- Stefan Srdic <ssrdic at telusplanet.net> wrote:

> Hello,
>  I've been studying for the first level of the LPI
> certification with the 
> ExamCram2 book. I have read the book, and now I'm
> ready to start practising 
> my test writing skills with this test engine that's
> included with this book.
>  I have installed the latest version of the test
> engine from the examcram 
> website. The installation finished successfully.
> However, once I attempt to 
> run the test engine as a user the engine complains
> that there where no exams 
> found in /usr/local/lib/examsim/exams and that the
> simulation will not work.
>  Has anybody ran into this problem with this test
> engine before? Where can I 
> find other on-line practice exams or other test
> engines that would 
> accommodate my needs?
> Thanks,
> Stefan
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