[lpi-discuss] LPI, Novell, and SUSE

Anselm Lingnau anselm.lingnau at linupfront.de
Wed Jul 13 19:41:52 EDT 2005

ross e. brunson wrote:

> Beats the hell out of the situation you talk about above, then all your
> software updates and new installs can be from the installation server to
> their machines, no time at all, no CD's to fool about with.  You could
> do a very small or simple reference install, then show them how to add
> packages, the package sources are in the Software Section of YaST in the
> Change Source of Installation module.

Yep, been there, done that ... This works fine in principle, and I keep 
meaning to burn myself a SLES install-server DVD to mount on my notebook as 
the package repository (I don't have the gigabytes to spare on my hard disk 
for a permanent install server, and in your scenario, you would need to bring 
in an install server since setting one up from scratch already takes a fair 
amount of time shuffling CDs).

There are still lots of nasty details that can hold you up, though, and I'd 
much rather have the machines set up and ready to go as soon as I come in 
than have to finish up the installation myself under the critical eyes of a 
bunch of course participants ... Anyway, this is what the customer techs are 
being paid for, so I hope that at some stage we will be able to point them to 
the standardised setups and get those installed.

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