[lpi-discuss] Re: Some thoughts on Sendmail -- FC includes both ...

Jeremy C. Reed reed at reedmedia.net
Mon Jul 18 19:02:29 EDT 2005

I am replying to two emails below:

On Mon, 18 Jul 2005, Bryan J. Smith <b.j.smith at ieee.org> wrote:

> I do full installs and get both, with Sendmail enabled.  Remember, I was
> responding to someone else's comment that NetBSD installs both and
> enables Sendmail.  I merely said that RHL/FC do the exact same.

It was my comment :)

The thing that is different is that NetBSD includes Postfix and Sendmail 
in its minimal, standard install. Fedora only installs Sendmail in its 
minimal install (but includes both if you do the "full" install).

So I wonder if the discussion should consider only the minimum base 
installs versus the full, bloated installs.

On Mon, 18 Jul 2005, Mark Miller wrote:

> interested in learning what is actually used in the server room. If I
> were to go to 1000 random server rooms what percentages of MTA's would I
> find?
> So how can we get this kind of info? Any ideas?

There are a few MTA surveys, but they don't distinguish between specific 
operating systems also. And some of the MTA surveys are years out of date.

In my experience, most installs of Linux just keep the standard sendmail 
which historically enabled an inbound SMTP service :(

Generally only email administrators would enable a different sendmail 
alternative. Should LPI focus on "email administrators" or normal use of 
standard installed sendmail?

What do the original LPI (and more recent) LPI job task analyses say about 

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