[lpi-discuss] Re: Some thoughts on Sendmail -- don't start the "bloat" non-sense (it doesn't stick)

Bryan J. Smith <b.j.smith at ieee.org> thebs413 at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 18 19:23:38 EDT 2005

From: "Jeremy C. Reed" <reed at reedmedia.net>
> It was my comment :)
> The thing that is different is that NetBSD includes Postfix and Sendmail 
> in its minimal, standard install. Fedora only installs Sendmail in its 
> minimal install 

The Fedora Core team is still fighting the "do we maintain full
linage to Red Hat Linux" and the "it's time to break down to 1 CD."
It seems the latter might finally win in Fedora Core 5.

But with that said, understand there is even a 90MB install that
doesn't have _either_.  But yes, the ~500MB "minimal" install
puts Sendmail on and not Postfix.  It also puts on all sorts of
other things that NetBSD does not.

> (but includes both if you do the "full" install).

Actually, you can do FC with the 90MB install and just YUM everything,
including telling YUM to use Postfix.  I just quoted the old RHL7.3
way of doing things for lineage.

> So I wonder if the discussion should consider only the minimum base 
> installs versus the full, bloated installs.

By "full, bloated installs" you're limiting Fedora Core to Anaconda.
Fedora Core does _not_ need to be installed via Anaconda.
In fact, it's not recommended for people who know what they are doing.

E.g., you can do a 90MB install outside of Anaconda, and YUM down exactly
what you want -- including telling it to install Postfix (without Sendmail
ever being on your system), various packages or full package sets, etc...
The power and flexiblity is tremendous.

There is this common perception out there that Red Hat is about bloat.
Then there is this conflicting perception that Fedora was a "bad move."
Frankly, I think some people just like to take whatever they consider
"bad" and not look at the _real_ reasons, and the actual "good" that
has become of it.

Considering what Fedora _has_ done, but most people don't know about,
_be_careful_ when you use quotes like ...
  "veruss the full, bloated installs"  

I see people insult Fedora Core developers everyday, and tell them how
their product works, without stopping to realize what Fedora Core _is_
now (which directly affects RHEL too).

So I have to assume you are either:  
  A)  Not implying Fedora Core, or
  B)  Are ignorant of what Fedora Core has done

Yes, you can install Fedora Core like Red Hat Linux.  But many of us
choose not to, and there are many, many other ways to install it,
and it is considered quite normal.

The "pretty GUI" is just for lineage as well as new users.  ;->

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