[lpi-discuss] BSD certification JTA survey report available

Benjamín Gálvez benja at lpi.cl
Fri Jul 29 19:54:03 EDT 2005

	Exam Track and other comments....

page 45
"I think the model that Red Hat has taken good: - Red Hat Certified
Technician (RHCT) - Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) - Red Hat
Certified Architect (RHCA). Intuitively you know that each exam represents
a higher level of expertise, but the way they present them does not diminish the value of the easier exam. I think this is important because in
some environments an in-depth understanding of BSD or Linux is not
required, but an employer could see significant benefit to an employee who
has a functional understanding of Unix-like systems."

page 46
"So I know redhat has RHCT and RHCE... kinda like Cisco's various levels. I
think a: Certified CBA (Certified BSD Administrator) and CBE (Certified
BSD Engineer) might make sense. CISSP's "credits" approach is also a
reasonable one for keeping your certification 'active.'"

page 48.
"I think the LPI style of certification is preferable over the Linux+ (comptia)
style. Albeit, the LPI questions were confusing to answer both in answer
format, and in the questions being asked."



El Viernes 29 de Julio de 2005 11:43, Evan Leibovitch escribió:
> As some of you may know, a group of BSD supporters have been working 
> towards a certification for their OS for a while now. I've spent some 
> time talking to them, and they're very serious about the project (though 
> money and sponsorship is in short supply):
> http://www.bsdcertification.org/
> Recently the group conducted a Task Analysis Survey of 600 people, and 
> has produced a 144-page report on its results:
> http://www.bsdcertification.org/downloads/sr1_links.pdf
> While not everything about BSD is applicable in Linux space, I think 
> this is worthy reading and there is much that seems relevant.
> - Evan
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