[lpi-discuss] Red Hat: A tale of two identities (plus my predictions of the Linux market to come) -- WAS: RFC8

ross e. brunson ross at brunson.org
Thu Mar 3 08:02:31 EST 2005

On Wed, 2005-03-09 at 12:39 -0800, Bryan J.Smith wrote:
> ross e. brunson wrote:
> > Sheesh, Fedora is a great project, but don't wave it like a flag of
> > freedom, it really needs some love and attention from RH.  They're 
> > only just now admitting that they screwed up and let theircommunity 
> > suffer and wither.
> ???
> I hope to God you're not referring to Jason Brook's ZD article that was 
> full of *errors* and *assumptions.*

Hardly, my impressions are from being in constant contact with my
attendees and our customers.

> So many people don't differentiate "Fedora Core" from the greater 
> "Fedora Project" (like Fedora Extras).
> Fedora Core has continued to be an outstanding Red Hat development.
> Fedora Extras is the only place where Red Hat was a little too "hands 
> off."
> How Red Hat releases and supports Fedora Core has changed little from 
> Red Hat Linux, except Red Hat doesn't release updates for every revision 
> anymore.

Right, other than that License Agreement thing, nothing has changed...

> But the greater Fedora Project, including Fedora Extras, has been a 
> continuing education for Red Hat.

And for anyone watching.


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