[lpi-discuss] Re: RPM and Debian -- of Caldera, SCO and IBM ...

Bryan J.Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Wed Mar 9 19:27:20 EST 2005

G. Matthew Rice wrote:
> I am, by no means, an IBM apologist but this statement is not 
> completely fair.  Look at postfix, as an example.  As well, they do 
> have a lot of people contributing to established FOSS projects.

Okay, maybe I overstated.
But what IBM is applauded for in the media has nothing to do with 
community donations.

> Any organization with 1 or more patents makes me nervous ;)

Actually, I have nothing against IP.
But I have something against big companies who break agreements just 
because they think they can get away with it - especially against 
smaller companies they believe they can outlast.
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