[lpi-discuss] Raising LPI's Profile

ross e. brunson ross at brunson.org
Thu Mar 17 22:48:01 EST 2005

On Thu, 2005-03-17 at 17:01 +1030, Matthew Geddes wrote:
> It's probably also worth pushing LPI outside the Linux space. Just the
> other day I heard someone claiming that there wasn't any Linux
> certification and that that was a justifiable reason to avoid the
> platform.

Such people are dangerously ill-informed and should be shown how to use
Google to search for "Linux Certification".  (Of course, it may well be
because the old Sair linuxcertification.com site is now, when it's up,
one of those sleazy search engine portals...)

I find that some people will look for ANY reason to not use a product,
and that's fine with me, there are people who for different reasons
really ought to stay on another platform.  There's plenty of opportunity
to spread the word without having to engage in useless talk with folks
who have already made up their minds about a product.


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