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ross e. brunson ross at brunson.org
Thu May 12 18:39:34 EDT 2005

On Thu, 2005-05-12 at 16:56 -0500, Bryan J. Smith  wrote:
> From: "Jeremy C. Reed" <reed at reedmedia.net>
> > For the past few years, I have used LyX which I really like to create printed
> > courseware.
> And the AMS and IEEE have used LaTeX for close to 2 decades, and LyX comes with templates for both.
> Better yet, the OpenOffice XML to/from LaTeX conversion is pretty damn good, especially for the standard article/book templates.

For those of us who'd rather pluck out our eyes with shrimp-forks than
edit raw XML, (or are simply XML-challenged) Kyle is a great editor for
just getting the job done.

> Especially since OpenOffice XML uses MathML, which was designed for oustanding interoperability with LaTeX, the grand-daddy of equation typeset.

Frankly, we at Novell in the ATT team have moved over to using OO
exclusively, particularly in the 2.0 version we have just about
everything we need and then we can always turn it over to the
Instructional Design team for FrameMaker work.  Maybe that Adobe owns
Dreamweaver we'll see something from them in the Linux space. 

Buwahahahaha, then he woke up.

> > In particular at this time, I am looking for two-day Linux Sysadmin and
> > two-day Linux Security curriculum.
> Ouch, that's a crash.

Proposed theme songs for these classes:  Anything by the Crash Test
Dummies, or "High Speed Dirt" by Megadeth.

> I typically took 2 weeks just to get people just ready to study the LPIC-1
> objectives from a book or a 3rd week (which I, myself, am not allowed to teach
> c/o a NDA).

I guess I'm living proof that 1 week is enough for those who have worked
with Linux and are proficient with the command line and installation,
and are very dedicated to learning the needed topics in an accelerated
manner.  Most people would like to be a little more leisurely about the
learning experience.

One thought is to have them do a good bit of pre-reading, at least some
will do it, and it helps to have a nice reference book around, say, the
LPIC Exam Cram 2 that James was so kind to mention....

As a good intro or a loss-leader to more classes, the 2-day format is
good, but be sure to give them a LOT of places to get more information
on the topics you are covering, or they'll _ruin_ your timeline with
requests to expand every topic area.

> For LPIC-2, 2 weeks -- let alone 2 days -- ain't enough to cover it all.

Amen to that, though I don't completely agree with Alan's extremely long
timeline, it should be at least a couple of weeks long, widely separated
and highly organized.


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