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Thu May 12 19:26:19 EDT 2005

From: Alan McKinnon <alan at linuxholdings.co.za>
> Just to fill in the blanks, I get most of my students raw. Usually 
> experienced Windows admins, sometimes Novell, and very rarely a 
> Solaris person. They come from support companies planning to migrate 
> their customers, and very few have any experience with Linux at all.

Those with lack of "UNIX viewpoints" either fall into 2 categories:  
1)  Those who only know "products" and have to be "Windows deprogrammed"
2)  Those who can learn by putting Linux technologies in Windows terminology

#1 are the biggest PITAs, because you'll spend 3x as much effort breaking down
their instance on how technology has to work -- based on only Windows exposure.
Most MCSEs and other users are in this group, especially if they don't even run
non-Microsoft software on Windows.

#2 is typically where I find Novell people who have also done Windows and
minority of MCSEs that actually understand how the Windows technology works
underneath, often in contrast to the official manuals.  In the case of the latter,
you can typically tell these people because they use non-Microsoft software on
Windows because it works better than the Microsoft product.

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