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Jeremy Anderson jeremy at plunketts.net
Fri May 13 16:48:09 EDT 2005

When teaching, I used the books from Course Technology, by Nick Wells.

I found it was fairly good for the format I was using, which was 1 3-4 
hour class per week, for 16 weeks.  I used one book for intro to 
administration, and the next for networking and some security.  I found 
the books were correct almost all of the time, and were fairly readable.

I did not follow the outlines exactly, and worked up almost all my own labs.

You can see my HTML lecture notes at http://www.angelar.com/~jeremy/htcunix/

They are scattered, and very skeletal, since I only used them as 
reminders to myself.

I found that classes worked best when I lectured for 15-20 minutes, then 
did some lab, and repeated this throughout the time.

Jeremy Anderson

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 From: Jeremy C. Reed
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>My question is not specific to LPI and if there is a more appropriate list
>or forum to discuss this, please kindly point me to it.
>I have had the opportunity to teach over 50 lectures and classes over the
>past four years. In most cases, I spend a lot of time writing course
>outlines and writing courseware. For the past few years, I have used LyX
>which I really like to create printed courseware. And in most cases, I
>just update my old materials for new classes.
>I have also used out-of-date and limited Linux curriculum from elementK
>and have reviewed Linux and Unix courseware from Guru Labs and Hewlett
>Packard (and reviewed a lot of other courseware, but not Linux specific).
>Where do you get your courseware? Please share your positive and negative
>Do you know of any sites or lists of publishers that provide good Linux
>related courseware? (Searching via google turns up a lot of noise.)
>In particular at this time, I am looking for two-day Linux Sysadmin and
>two-day Linux Security curriculum.
>I am also interested in courseware for Apache web server administration,
>mail server administration (including Spam Assassin), and Unix shell
>I already have our own curriculum (except not for Spam Assassin yet), but
>sometimes it is easier and quicker -- and so cheaper -- to use third-party
>courseware (versus continually updating our own and printing, etc.). And
>anyways, it is useful to help supplement too.
>Any advice would be appreciated.
> Jeremy C. Reed
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