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Jim Pye jtpye at attglobal.net
Fri May 13 18:30:26 EDT 2005

Alan McKinnon wrote:
> Just to fill in the blanks, I get most of my students raw. Usually 
> experienced Windows admins, sometimes Novell, and very rarely a 
> Solaris person. They come from support companies planning to migrate 
> their customers, and very few have any experience with Linux at all.
> A black screen with white text is a completely foreign concept to this 
> class of person, and the absence of the mouse rocks their universe to 
> the very core.


Just a side track on this. TechRepublic had a thread started when a user 
asked if the IT industry had a preference for hiring younger people as 
they are more adaptable to change etc.

One reply mentions that <paraphrasing> "the younger generation don't 
know, or need to know, what DOS is.."

Check out 

For an interesting, and hotly debated, discussion on this.

Now back to trimming that grey out of my beard :-) =

> I yearn for the day when I can run boot a boot camp like Ross does and 
> have a class full of people that have already learned why they do not 
> work routinely as root.

As Ross said "Buwahahahaha, then he woke up."

As any instructor will tell you it will be a cold day in a very hot 
place when all students for a class turn up fully prepared having done 
any pre-course studies or reading. I have even attended some Novell ATTs 
where the attendees were not even at a basic admin level for the 
subject, but were sent there by their bosses expecting them to come away 
with all the knowledge to be an expert. ATT courses are aimed at 
experts. ATT = Advanced Technical Training.

A 3 day ATT is a cheaper option than a 6 week full Certified Novell 
Engineer (CNE) training schedule.

Novell Master CNE, CNI, CDE and LPIC-1
The Sunshine State
Queensland, Australia

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