[lpi-discuss] WSIS and Blogging for LPI

Scottl scottl at eagle.ca
Sat May 14 07:34:48 EDT 2005

WSIS and Blogging for LPI

For the last two months LPI has had the use of two interns from a Canadian
academic E-Journalism Program (Loyalist College).  These interns have been
assisting us with development of the LPI-US website, changes to our public
twiki, design of marketing collateral, and content export from our present
LPI International website to a new CMS website presently under construction.

What might you ask does this have to do with WSIS?

Well as it turns out Evan Leibovitch (LPI President) has been invited to
speak at a UNESCO sponsored event in Winnipeg, Canada on the subject of WSIS
(expenses paid by the Canadian government ;-).  In the same city at the same
time the Journalism teacher (Professor Robert Washburn) who sent the two
above-mentioned interns to LPI has been speaking at a conference of the
Canadian Association of Journalists on the subject of blogging in

Tomorrow LPI, Washburn and his students will launch a blog site as an
example of "live" public journalism covering Evan's and LPI's participation
in WSIS and other related issues.  Washburn himself will provide live
up-to-the minute coverage via his blackberry of the event, Evan's
presentation, and some of the spontaneous debates that are breaking out in
the hallways of this forum.  His students will work to provide background
material, but more importantly they will attempt to enlist the participation
of others in creating this living record.

Although LPI has not been active on the WSIS agenda for some time and our
level of participation in its second round (November in Tunis) is still
under debate, we would like to invite you to take part in this initiative.

Everyone in the LPI community is encouraged to respond to comments posted to
our blogs.

We invite you to link to your own blogs on WSIS or more broady on andy
online thoughts on the role of open source, Linux and IT certification in
the global information society that you may have published.

Your participation is important as the organizers of civil society who are
working behind the scenes are looking forward to our comments on this event
and will consider it in their policy recommendations to the Canadian

Furthermore we have been looking at the use of blogging as a means to
further our own efforts in promoting Linux certification.  We hope we will
learn from this event.

Come visit us at http://lpipenguinpost.blogspot.com

We look forward to hearing from you.

Scott Lamberton
Director of Community Relations
Linux Professional Institute
scottl at lpi.org/scottl at eagle.ca

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