[lpi-discuss] LPI Level 2 Study Guide Annotated HTML is Online...

ross e. brunson ross at brunson.org
Sun May 15 20:47:36 EDT 2005

In a previous set of posts we discussed building our own hand-rolled set
of study materials for the Level 2 topics, and I volunteered to host
said pages on my site, they're now up.

I have literally whacked the existing objective pages for 201 and 202,
added some explanatory text at the top and nothing else.  I plan to sort
my way through them and add my favorite links to the objectives, and I
urge you to send me your submissions.

//Please don't just send me raw links!// 

Reference the objective and what utility or item you are sending me
links for, and I'll update it as soon as possible.  Send me emails with
just links in them and I'll just delete the email.

For example, to send a link for the 2.201.3 Patching a Kernel objective,
a USEFUL email would look like this:

To: ross at brunson.org
From: who at ever.com
Subject: Link for 201 Study Guide
Hey, here's a link for Objective 2.201.3 - Patching the Kernel, it's
related to the "patch" command.


I'll add multiple items to any given command by referencing them like
shown below:


My intent is that wherever a link number is, that leads to a link about
that particular word, item or command.  If you have suggestions, please
let me know, I want this to work right first off, re-formatting it all
over again is not my bag.

I've tried to set this up to be easy to add to, and I'll do my dangdest
to keep it up, so let 'em rip.



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