[lpi-discuss] LPI Level 1 Study Guide

David Horton dhorton at speakeasy.net
Sun May 15 22:53:24 EDT 2005


Related to Ross's recent message about the LPI level 2 study guide I
would like to mention that I have started an LPI level 1 study guide.
The home is http://www.happy-monkey.net/LPI/ for those interested.  The
guide is incomplete, but there are many good practice questions for
students to use.  To get an idea of the guide's format plese look at one
of the two most complete chapters: Hardware & Architecture
[http://www.happy-monkey.net/LPI/html/ch03.html] or Networking
Fundamentals [http://www.happy-monkey.net/LPI/html/ch14.html]

The study guide is released under a Creative Commons license and is free
for all to use.  Both HTML and PDF versions are available as well as the
original DocBook XML source.  If you find the study guide useful please
let me know.  Also, if you would like to contribute a chapter I'd love
to hear from you.  If DocBook XML scares you, don't worry, plain text is
cool with me.


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