[lpi-discuss] Women and LPI certification

Evan Leibovitch evan at lpi.org
Mon May 23 12:29:27 EDT 2005

Art Lee wrote:

>>So why are there so few female Linux/Unix sysadmins?
>This is a topic frequently discussed on many technical forums, as well as the focus of many articles, from undergraduate studies, to business journals, to technical rags.  Personally, I think it's a topic that doesn't need to be discussed here, and would rather keep the focus of this mailing list to the LPI certification.
I appreciate everyone's comments on this issue.

While it's true that the the general question of "why aren't more women 
in IT" isn't going to be solved here, it is relevant to ask whether LPI, 
in its programs policies or procedures, contributes at all to obstacles 
to women. It is my own unscientific observation that the world of open 
source has even fewer women by proportion than the IT mainstream (which 
is itself predominantly male).

I have heard occasional queries whether, rather than simply eliminating 
barriers to entry, LPI has any role to play a in increasing female 
participation in the world of IT (and specifically open source IT). 
While I don't think there are any quick fixes, and we're not going to 
solve a societal issue single-handedly, I would agree that it´s a 
legitimate question to ask if LPI can (or should) do something.

- Evan

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